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Gurlugon - 2006-07-17


Aubrey McFate - 2006-07-17

Cute, in a disturbing kind of way

halon - 2006-07-18

This is not cute. This is terrifying.

Severian - 2006-07-18


jim - 2006-07-18

wierdly cute. i want one.

Caminante - 2006-07-18

We just want to be friends.

johnnyhamhock - 2006-08-11

Looks like he has sugar water on his finger. I await part two documenting the hospital visit

bopeton - 2006-08-28

I've got stung in the corner of my eye by one of those, once. I will never get near one again.

Vicious - 2006-10-18

I almost lost it watching that thing.

tamago - 2007-03-18

That's either the bravest or the stupidest human being to ever walk the planet.

klingerbgoode - 2007-03-21

look at the handler's fingers trembling at the start. zowie!

fluffy - 2007-05-02

There is no animal that hasn't become somebody's pet at some point.

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