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Desc:Fairly good advice.
Category:Humor, News & Politics
Tags:john waters, Gays, obama, advice
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Comment count is 7
Pillager - 2009-01-08
A new 'do.

I'll have to look into that.

RomancingTrain - 2009-01-08
I love his 'stache.
boba. - 2009-01-09
do you not know who this is?

RomancingTrain - 2009-01-09
Should somebody who knows who he is not say what I said?

Helena Handbasket - 2009-01-08
You know, I believe him. An all-lesbian platoon would probbly find Osama pretty damn fast.
KnowFuture - 2009-01-09
Pretty coo, but have to ask: why is an American guy sending a video to the new American president only being shown on a foreign news site?

baleen - 2009-01-09

The British are very curious and worldly people.

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