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Desc:This is not how to vent a superconducting magnet.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, News & Politics
Tags:failure, explosion, superconductor, venting, quenching
Submitted:Big Beef Burritos Supreme
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Comment count is 21
As if I wasn't already horrified of getting MRIs already.
Jeff Fries
Relax, we are now sliding you into a hollow propane tank

it disturbed me so much i repeated myself, it disturbed me so much.

Caminante Nocturno
0:37-0:41 is what the Roswell crash would have looked like in a city.
The Mythbusters wouldn't count that as an explosion, it was just decompression!
You expect too much from local news reporters with zero science education

Frank Rizzo
mythbusters has no clue what the differences are

Cap'n Profan!ty
Pretty cool, but of course largely harmless unless you are right in front of the blast.
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
Good news; it's not a tumor! The bad news is that you're now a tinfoil golem with a head full of debris.

Monchiles Monchiles
I will hear no more of your sugary sweet lies Jon Thorsten!
you know they still sent it back saying "it was like that when we got it"
Did anyone else catch the "they had planned to resell it" part? Granted, that was before the decompression, but still...
Yeah, I was wondering how much those go for on eBay.

Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
"it will be cleaned up.. eventually".. by the wind
Beat me to it

"I'm sure it'll blow away eventually..."

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
As usual the YT comments are gold.
So basically an MRI is going to fill my head with aluminum foil after ripping the ink out of my skin...
That's the long and the short of it, yes.

"The MRI would have never been vented inside the building"

Wouldn't that make the pressure worse?
Rodents of Unusual Size
Well at least it didn't do anything to the environment.
Makes no sense why it would do that, unless they plugged up the relief valve.
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