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Desc:a sensitive love scene
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:canada, Cronenberg, Parasites, Shivers, They Came from Within
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Comment count is 11
cronenberg is the king of disturbing movies
I love Shivers but -1 since it cuts out just before the most disturbing scene in the movie.
-1 from.....?

Frank Rizzo
color me curious

do they rape the guard?

My stars are invisible. And yes Frank the sex zombies hold that guard down and that little girl french kisses him. Rape probably follows.

This movie is full of ugly, ugly people.
Goethe and ernie
Old school Cronenberg needs to come back and make some more mad shit like this.
IMDB trivia: 'Susan Petrie' was unable to cry, so David Cronenberg arranged for her to tear up with the aid of onions. This worked but the camera was out of focus when the scene was shot and because Cronenberg was out of onions, Petrie gave her consent to let him to slap her on the face. He did so until her face was numb from all the takes. He finally settled for a series of takes he found to be less than satisfactory.
So the pooh monsters turn you into what exactly? And context: is he trying to rape her and then she stops him to go put her contacts in?

Also, I have not seen this movie.
Binro the Heretic
This clip is kind of weak, but it's a pretty good movie.

It's been years since I saw it, but if I recall correctly a mad scientist creates a parasite to be the ultimate aphrodisiac and infects his lover with one.

She becomes so uncontrollably horny, she screws every guy she sees. The parasite eggs are passed on through intercourse and soon the parasites are spread through the whole city.

It's sort of like a zombie movie where the zombies want to fuck your brains out instead of eating them.

Oh. Well, I'd be down for death by fucking.

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