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Desc:Lundgren describes it as 'Die Hard at a rock concert'
Category:Trailers, Arts
Tags:Gun, Trailer, drums, Dolph Lundgren, command performance
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Comment count is 10
GoodAaron - 2009-01-14
dichotic1 - 2009-01-14
fermun - 2009-01-14
I will watch this.
Dr. Lobotomy - 2009-01-14
Needs more cow bell
Infamous - 2009-01-14
I heard the dude had a Ph.D. in something (probably in ass kicking).
garcet71283 - 2009-01-15
According to IMDB "In 1983 he was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston." has a third degree black belt and founded production company called Thor Pictures.

He is a god among men.

TeflonDoc - 2009-01-14
'When the Russian Premier is taken hostage at a rock concert in Moscow, it's up to a drummer, an ex-biker, to save him.'
I don't even know where to start with you. Every time Putin scratches his eyebrow, four people die just because someone wants to be sure they weren't missing a signal. You, your hostage, everyone else in the concert and all your families are dead.
Adham Nu'man - 2009-01-15
"Are you a bad enough dude to save the premier?"

quantumcreep - 2009-01-15
http://www.iwatchstuff.com/2009/01/dolph_lundgren_is_command_perf. php

Dolph Lundgren impales a man with a guitar. That is all.
Bone_Vulture - 2009-01-15
Nothing embodies rock 'n roll like a dedicated cowbell player.
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