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Desc:'Yoy yoy yoy yoy!'
Category:Pets & Animals, Humor
Tags:cat, Eating, meow, classless slob
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Comment count is 12
The Japanese are ALWAYS talking with their mouth full and now young cats are learning bad habits. ANOTHER SIN THAT CANNOT BE EXPUNGED JAPAN.
om nom nom tag?
opposite of nom nom nom tag.

Is she telling the cat not to eat with her mouth full?
Killer Joe
I think something along the lines of: "Does it taste good?" "Yoy yoy yoy!" "Oh, good."

internet poop.
B. Weed
But apparently not in the flavor you crave.

I really don't think that sound is coming from that cat.

But three stars because there's a FUCKING EYEBALL IN HIS DISH.
Frank Rizzo

does nobody else notice the scuba diving sounding gear in the background? it makes me think they're filming weird Japanese pron in another room just down the hall..

kitty has no idea whats coming next ...
Innocent Bystander
Oh man. That stuff has got to be like extra awesome delicious.
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