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Desc:Mike Rowe uses lamb castration as a jumping-off point to talk about all kinds of stuff
Category:Humor, Educational
Tags:testicles, castration, Lamb, arrr arum numm nummm, Mike Rowe
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The Townleybomb
Mike Rowe is awesome in every possible way. Holy damn would I fuck his stuffing right out.
Would you bite his testies out?

I have thought Mike Rowe is a man I wish to model myself after. No joke. He's manly in the outdoors/naturalist kinda of way, he is studied and articulate, and has an understanding of the working class.

The Townleybomb
I would only bite them out in a loving and consensual way (or if I planned to eat him later)

also word up to simon666 he also knows that cats like crinkling sounds and that is the kind of practical knowledge that can make a guy really useful around the house.

Interesting dog-and-pony from a documentarian I respect. Where was he talking?
According to fora.tv, it's at something called "The Entertainment Gathering," which took place in Monterey, CA.


http://fora.tv/2008/12/12/Mike_Rowe_on_Discovery_Realization_a nd_Lamb_Castration

awesome choice as a commencement speaker
this was fantastic.
Helena Handbasket
Mike Rowe is probably one of my favorite human beings ever.
People need to hear this.
I'll never scoff at the people presenting on Home Shopping Network again... At least until the next time someone gets a sword tip lodged in his retina.
Mike Rowe was not like any other HSN presenter before or since.

This man is seriously up there on my list of personal heroes, alongside the likes of Frank Zappa and Brendon Small.
Lauritz Melchior
Just because I'm a dick about language, I have to point out that he reversed the definitions of anagnorisis and peripeteia.
anagnorisis [an‐ag‐nor‐ĭs‐is] (plural ‐ises), the Greek word for ‘recognition’ or ‘discovery’, used by Aristotle in his Poetics to denote the turning point in a drama at which a character (usually the protagonist) recognizes the true state of affairs, having previously been in error or ignorance.

peripeteia [pe‐ri‐pĕ‐tee‐ă] or peripety [pe‐rip‐ĕti], a sudden reversal of a character's circumstances and fortunes, usually involving the downfall of the protagonist in a tragedy, and often coinciding with the ‘recognition’ or anagnorisis. In a comedy, however, the peripeteia abruptly restores the prosperity of the main character (s).

Isn't that what he said?

Lauritz Melchior
He kept on referring to peripeteia as the moment of awareness.

The war on work is being won by poetv.com. Where no one does any work except for chet!
Despite being Mike Rowe, who gets 5 stars regardless - this is also a great talk.
Jesus. This really hit kind of close to home for me.
I love this man.
Corman's Inferno
HSN probably made sure to never hire anyone like him again, either.
Totally awesome. Finally someone speaks about the people who really matter in this world.
that's it - I'm getting a job at the mill.
Rodents of Unusual Size
The sense of complacency line was worth five stars alone.

This guy is totally going to be a senator.
I've been linking to this one for a while. Beautiful!
If Mike Rowe walked up to me and asked me to marry him, I'd say yes without hesitation.
I like him, he's cool, he even makes some good points, but he's left me mostly unconvinced in this video.
I'm not even sure what he was talking about, and I'm still convinced.

Mike Rowe for president? I'm just sayin
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