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Desc:the whole thing
Category:Classic Movies, Arts
Tags:smack, trainspotting, spud, begbie, ewan macgregor
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Comment count is 12
Ah, yes.....The toilet scene...and sleeping with an underage girl..and the baby scene...and Jonny Lee Miller....and....
Frank Rizzo

. . . acorns . . .

Scenes from the book that weren't included in the movie:

The guy who got AIDS from his girlfriend takes his revenge on the guy who raped her by telling him he drilled sex-holes in his baby boy then killing him with a pillow

The waitress who had periods all in the soup

Begbie kicking his pregnant girlfriend in the cunt

Renton getting his face wanked on by a gay Italian tramp

Renton fucking his dead brother's pregnant wife in the toilet at the funeral and imagining getting a blowjob from the fetus

Spud being used as a bondage slave and getting knocked unconscious with Vicks Vapor Rub all over his cock

On the POE front page, the link to this has the same image as the Shark Attack 3 clip.
The Mothership
I work in Edinburgh, on the Royal Mile, and deal with Renton's shoplifting on a daily basis. This is Scotland to a T, not to mention a fine film.
best anti drug prevention ever.

I remember watching this when I was little and 10 minutes in saying to myself," I am never ever taking heroin."
I fucking hated watching this pile of shit.

Yeah, ok, bud.


The Mothership
see, it's cause you're full of shit. That's why.

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