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Desc:If you only see one Korean animated film with utterly baffling and outdated pop culture references..
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:korea, Insane, wtf, aachi and ssipak, shitman
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Comment count is 23
i don't get it
I don't get it.

are you concurring with me or are you being this schoolmarm motherfucker


And you know you're not supposed to make with the potty mouth outside the bedroom, schnookums.

King of Balls
Loved it. Why do crappy Japanese cartoons get so much attention when those low-rent KIA-makers in Korea are doing awesome shit like this?
This movie awesome.

So, you're saying this is typical of Korean animation? Yowza. Also, how do I get my hands on a copy or full version of this thing?


Yeah, I checked for it as soon as I got done typing that. Downloads a-plenty.

This is fucking great
Yeah, Korea has been making some awesome animation in the last five years or so, yet it gets almost no recognition in the US in favor of your run of the mill horribly animated Japanese crap.
One the one hand that's bad because these guys deserve some recognition and money.

But other hand it's good because I don't want them to become lazy and worthless, like everybody who does anime who's not Miyazaki.

OK, I would rather watch this than anime Akira type crap. I dunno what that says about me.
It says that you're really cool*.

* among internet-addicted sociopathic shut ins.

Has anybody seen the whole movie? Does it maintain this level of awesome, or does it fall apart in the end (I'm looking at you, Tekkonkinkrete)
Daddy Warcrimes
I've seen the whole thing, in the theater no less!

In order to fall apart, it'd require a coherent plot. The last half hour is pretty much non-stop violence, and ends with things exploding, so you can't ask for much more.

(Also, for those who were asking, yeah, it's on BT, but also got a US DVD release.)

(... and the rights were purchased by MTV to create some sort of series...)

Are you sure it's a legit DVD release? All I'm seeing on Amazon is a region-free disc with Chinese subs that neither they nor any used sellers have in stock.

...ok, I have to see this now.

RIGHT now.
Stupid question for those who know all about this movie:

Does being a juicybar addict turn the addict into a blue lobotomized midget that can't shit, or just the addict's children? Because none of the summaries of the film can agree on it, and I'm curious as to what the fuck is going on.
That was...my brain hurts.
La Loco
Shitaman! Shitaman! Shitaman!

Wow, am I alone in thinking this sucks? Movies with characters that look like mid 90's ravers that abuse their black, gay stereotype friend just don't crack me up like they used to.

Btw, it took over 8 years to make this film, so charcter design must have been done in the 90's. That or shitty raver fashion is still popular in Korea.
You know Korea is like a whole different country, right?

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