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Desc:demo of circa 85 computer video effects
Category:Science & Technology
Tags:BBC, art of noise, feathered hair, Fairlight CVI, Tomorrows World
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Comment count is 13
Daymage - 2009-01-16
boner - 2009-01-16
It's 1986 David Bowie from the movie Labyrinth.

Cube - 2009-01-16
I still think those things are neat.
fluffy - 2009-01-16
Yeah, all the Video Toaster weenies have to realize that this predates it by a few years, too.

poopskin - 2009-01-16
is this like the real Look Around You series 2?
Harveyjames - 2009-01-16

HankFinch - 2009-01-16
I have named the swim boys at the end Helmut & Clause.
boba. - 2009-01-16
80s video shit = the best
Xenocide - 2009-01-16
Horrible Youtube video effects: the origin.
The Townleybomb - 2009-01-17
Burnov - 2009-01-17
Dude. When was this video made? In the 80s?

That song in the background sounds like murda y'all kill 'em all. By Krayzie Bone.

Did he steal it from a song back then?
Cube - 2011-08-29
It's Moments in Love by Art of Noise.

robotkarateman - 2009-01-17
It's like "Bow Wow Wow" the home game.
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