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Desc:The stereotypes you've heard about SDSU are false
Category:News & Politics, Educational
Tags:news, party, bra, sdsu, ethnography
Submitted:Jeff Fries
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Comment count is 7
Rape Van Winkle
I just kept skipping forward hoping to see some sign that it could become funny.

What a lonely, desolate trip through time.

Jeff Fries
Yes, It's aimless and you could skip most of it, I should have put a warning. I go to this school and as you may know last year we had what I think was the largest campus drug bust in history. Fast forward to about a week ago when I received a mass email from the campus office letting everyone know that we now have a news program, produced and anchored by stoned frat boys.

Please let us know about future e-mails and programs about stoned frat-boys, PLEASE. FAST FORWARD!

Unmerciful Crushing Force
Wait, this is recent?! I'm a rather proud SDSU graduate (GO TFM!!) and even wrote for the place's newspaper 'til I graduated.

I just go on record and say that I don't recognize any names of the place's actually quite decent film department. Please note that I don't say so much for my school's defense as I do for my own sanity because I don't even need to hear this shit to know that it makes me. :(


Jeff Fries
Re Hank: It's a shame there isn't some kind of community vetting process to prevent things like this from happening, I probably would have submitted it there first to make sure other people found it worthwhile.

Rape Van Winkle
You are really taking this hard, Jeff Fries.

This dull rubbish doesn't even deserve one star.
In fact, if I could, I'd take away the stars that it's got.
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