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Desc:With special effects!
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:sharks, jetski, eaten whole, snide smirk
Submitted:Louis Armstrong
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Comment count is 10
He's not going to get laid by taking that lady's life preserver. IDIOT!
looks to me like she's got a pretty good set of life preservers already

Sharks don't like to eat girls with nice bazongas. Also the snide smirk could refer to the guy in the clip, or to us!

Caminante Nocturno
I like the "screw you" glare he gave her right before jumping overboard.

This is only about 15 irrelevant seconds longer than:
That's where you're wrong. We finally get to see the backstory of why Tuxedo Armenian deserved to be eaten by a shark. I can only assume if the movie were to continue, we would see the nefarious backstories of every other person on that life raft.

Are there 3 different sharks or does the shark keep changing sizes every time it eats someone?
Frank Rizzo
"I will go around again"

is this from an M night shyamalan film? Is the twist thats its a shark killing people?
No, the twist is that the shark is all of us. All of us.

Not having seen the movie, I believe these people are suffering from mass hysteria induced by the presence of the size-changing shark. There seems to be nothing wrong with the boat, but they are all extremely eager to jump and bob around like delicious morsels in a soup of death for Mr. Shark. Also, Mr. Shark has eaten an entire life raft and jet ski. He will soon die of obstruction.
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