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Desc:Dorky teenager wants to inspire you with the song in his heart and his electric autoharp.
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:waves, shreds, McKay Hatch, no cussing, asskicking waiting to happen
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Comment count is 12
He should do a duet with Denny Blaze. It'll be just like that time Nelly and Tim McGraw got together.
I went to the nocussing.com website. Regardless of how you feel about him, this kid has accomplished more in the past two years than the entire POETV community will achieve collectively in their entire lives. While you all sit around worshipping John Stewart, working up your next precious bon mot about Sarah Palin, and watching videos of cute kitties and people lighting their own farts, this little guy has organized a movement.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Hey, I organized a movement too! Except mine had to be flushed this morning.

Mike Jordan
Who are you talking about? Oh, McKay Hatch, the "most cyberbullied kid in the world".

I have my doubts about how much he organized this. It reeks of proud parents. Call me a cynic, but I don't think that a 15 year old kid is going to start publishing books without a crew of overly supportive adults.

I hate almost everything about this movement, and his good intentions don't atone for much.

A vainglorious movement all uptight and concerned about cussing. This accomplishes what? Making mommy and daddy proud? Creating a confluence of whiny pussies?

When you watch the news on tv, do you think the anchorman researched and wrote the words he's saying?

Let's assume that he did magically do everything you're attributing to him; one glance at his site let's you see how pitifully and needlessly self-important this kid is. He's selling his face as much as whatever cheesy message is spilling out of it. If I "don't achieve" anything like this prissy little douchebag I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.

I'm getting pretty fucking sick and tired of baleen and all his troll sock-puppets.

Hey Rozetta, stop being a jerk, you jerk.

I'm just glad you appreciated my bon mot about Sarah Palin! All I wanted was for someone to acknowledge the work I put into it. Thank you!

wtf japan
Philippe: Lyle's cussing! / Mr. Bear: He's cussing?
Philippe: He's cussing! / Mr. Bear: Is he cussing someone out? / Téodor: Who's cussing?
Mr. Bear: Lyle's cussing! / Téodor: What is he cussing about? / Philippe: He's just cussing!
Lyle: I'm cussing? / Mr. Bear and Téodor: You're cussing! / Philippe: No cussing!
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That should make a few waves.
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