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Desc:Possibly the worst SNL skit ever. This show needs to die already.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:SNL, saturday night live, sorry, Gilly, painfully unfunny
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Comment count is 37
Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
Online videos that can only be streamed within the USA is pretty crappy.
wtf japan
You should be thankful.

PoeTV was made for this clip.

I envy you in this case, Lisa.

f u hulu~
blue vein steel
i actually like most of the current cast, but that was the opposite of funny
yeah, this was a really really bad sketch. But people like to remember SNL's of old as being 100% gold and infallible, which they weren't. this cast is no worse than previous ones.

dr tits
but honestly
at least even the bad parts of classic SNL were better than this...
sadly, their humor has been steadily declining for at least the last decade

no SNL skit-based movie should have been made, post- wayne's world

They had moments of meme-brilliance, but it should have left the air 20 years ago.

I can one star based on how actually funny it is, or five star the example of how terrible it is. The rating system has never given me such a headache.
We'll be seeing a feature length movie about this character in a year.
Timothy A. Bear
MADtv good.
Actually, I had it confused with All That.

4 stars for jailbait Rosario Dawson.
Killer Joe
"Ugh... this goes on for twelve more minutes."
Godard's Drinking Problem
Someone applauded at 2:20. I star the clap.
Corman's Inferno
Give them some slack, the Catchphrasotron 8000 is on the fritz.
I loved this
It's Mr. Can't Make Change! In this week's episode: Mr. Can't Make Change gets a job as a STORE CLERK!
oh and filmed before a live studio audience of idiots
Actually, the child-of-privilege bullshit about how if nobody bought things the couldn't afford we wouldn't be in debt was pretty awful, too. This was about as funny as leprosy of the eyes though.
Not according to Yahoo.


This was HI-Larious when they workshopped it in improv.
La Loco
This was the funniest video I've ever seen on PoeTV. Seriously guys, watch it 30 times and you'll laugh your ass off.
La Loco, such a suggestion is in violation of human rights laws.

That was slightly less funny than AIDS. Five stars! No, wait, one! No, two! OH GOD I CANNOT DECIDE :(
Couldn't they just bring back Goth Talk?
Oh god, this is horrible. Compellingly bad.
Prickly Pete
This is the next generation's Samurai Deli
Fuck the SNL relativists, this is worse than a million Victoria Jacksons.
Needs "painfully unfunny" tag.

3 stars ONLY cuz Rosario Dawson's purty, and I'd watch her in anything.
Consuela the Cuban Whore
They've made more of these 'Gilly' sketches. It's really awful when Keenan is the funniest part of a sketch.
When I watch Hulu videos they are totally out of sync and unwatchable!
Five stars for not funny.

And yet, they could do worse, and often have: the nervously chattering woman shtick that was the basis for just about everything Cheri Oteri ever did. I imagine it has something to do with imitating Gilda Radner, but hyperactivity isn't humor. At least Kristen Wiig isn't going down that particular road, and for that small favor I am grateful.
John Holmes Motherfucker
SNL doesn't always suck, but when it does, this is a good example of why. The structure of Coneheads or Wayne's World would require new jokes for a retread, but the Gilly sketches and "What's Up With That?" allow the writers to use almost the same exact script over and over until you want to tear your eyes out.
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