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Desc:'The Gong Show's' Contribution To The Decline of Civilization.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:Gong Show, Chuck Barris, gene gene the dancing machine, 70s TV
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Comment count is 12
When I was a very young child, this was my favorite thing on TV. And to my parents' horror, any time I saw a black man in public, I would get all excited and point at him and scream GENE GENE DANCING MACHINE!!! I'd always be disappointed when they didn't start dancing for me.
wtf japan
That's funny. They always danced for me.

"Gene lost both of his legs in 2001 due to complications of diabetes."


I think the very, very, very white hosts just wanted an excuse to dance.
A million gazillion sugar frosted diamond encrusted stars. Without Gene Gene and Chuck Barris, POETV does not exist.


I love gene.
B. Weed
That made me smile. It's just so darn *happy.*
Punk wasn't dead.
barris makes his contribution to this all that much better
The Townleybomb
The best thing about this show is that it is proof that everyone really was stoned all the time in the 70's.
Between this and the Unknown Comic, do I smell a 70s TV Week coming on?
I like how his outfit for dancin' on national TV for a bunch of white people is the exact same thing he wears to the barbershop or to play chess in the park with his grandpa. (Yes, those are the actions that black men of his age and stature do regularly.) It makes this whole thing seem like something he does every day.
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