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Desc:A set from a pop-culture icon of the 1970's.
Tags:1970s, puns, Unknown Comic, Murray Langston, paper bags
Submitted:Hugo Gorilla
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Comment count is 9
Meta-Comedy = Fun
It amuses me that as viewed from the main PoE page, the still for this appears for the "MacGuyver Takes Down A Racist" clip.
Paper bag man in blackface.
So meta. Not actually funny, but you know.
was waiting (patiently) on Jamie Farr slowly picking up mallet and hitting the gong but didn't happen
The Townleybomb
What can I say, I'm a sucker for high-pitched girlish laughter.
Sounded like carrot top for a while.

I'm glad this is up here for historical purposes, but man. There was only ONE joke he did in that entire 5 minute set that the punchline wasn't related to him wearing a bag on his head, which was the "Impression of a Headache" around minute 4.

Jesus Christ, hook comics. Use the character as you make jokes, not just for jokes.
Man, I loved the Gong Show as a kid. And, I was hoping this guy would get gonged EVERY TIME. I forgot who was on it when he finally took the bag off.
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