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Desc:If your students pack this much heat, a dress code is not going to help
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:School, guns, kids, Dress Code, Gun Control
Submitted:Dr. Lobotomy
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Comment count is 20
That kid would get caught the moment he stepped foot on the property
From the accent of the announcer, I somehow doubt this school really has a gang problem.
Aparently a student at Road Warrior High.
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Yeah, don't give a clear image of what he looked like with everything 'concealed'
We need the reverse angle on this
Baby Finster
With a uniform, he could only hide 4 guns.
Ahriman the Creepy Lurker
I'd love to see this kid try to walk somewhere without shooting his balls off.
"You can never have... enough."

Agent 47: The highschool years.
High school is rough, in the Matrix.
I was buying it until the seventh gun. A Lady Derringer? Be serious.
how in the hell would he walk around?
He would walk like Robocop.
What goes "Thud, thud, clunk, clunk BRAPPABRAPPABRAAPABLAMBLAMBLAM"? This kid going down stairs.
Oh yeah, every gang has one person carry all their guns for them, he's kind of the 'gat-boy'.
Meatsack Jones
Right, because no kid would ever find something else to hold against another kid with a uniform.
Guild bank?
You don't want to see where he's holding his extra rounds.
j lzrd / swift idiot
All those suburban white gangbangers who attend high school, their days are numbered. A dress code will reduce on-campus violence to zero; didn't you hear how convinced the lady was?
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