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Desc:Look at his ears - HE KNOWS, man!
Category:Educational, Religious
Tags:elves, otherkin, unwarranted self importance
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Comment count is 14
I was an elf, this about my people. yeah.
The Great Hippo
The pauses to take another drag from his cigarette is what makes this absolute five star material.

That, and the music.
I like the world-weary exhale and the pained face he makes before discussing what must be a terribly traumatic subject for him.

Shut the fuck up. You have NOTHING to cry about, first-worlder
I know someone who actually speaks Tolkien's Elvish. Douchebagery is, it seems, a prerequisite.
My goodness.
"Quote, unquote: WITCHES"
Caminante Nocturno
I've tried watching this twice, but something about his voice makes me nod off.
Man Who Fights Like Woman
For a while the most remarkable thing was how bored he sounds while reading his own writing, like a high school sophomore in speech class reading directly from the page. Then at about 3:30 he kicked the crazy into high gear.
wtf japan
The greatest thing is that I bet more people know about the "Elven Holocaust" than the Armenian Genocide.
I fucked his mom.
Grace Mugabe
He's very articulate. FOR AN ELF.
Wait, what? Moses was a dwaggin?

Really, we need to ban "The Silmarillion" if this what it leads to. Plus, it's about as exciting as reading the tax code in Latin.
Let's ban all of white wolf's world of darkness stuff first.

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