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Desc:Going to a Pentecostal gathering and need to know how to do your hair?
Category:Educational, Religious
Tags:hair, Texas, christians, pentecostal, white people
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Comment count is 15

This lady has posted a how-to to every white trash hair style you can fathom, to the accompaniment of unbearable Christian Contemporary.

John Waters would blow me if I sent him these.

Video is down. John Waters is feeling really betrayed right now.


No it ain't. Do you live in Britain or Europe? Chet explained that there were some weird variations on what was accessible.... Somethin something. I don't really get it.

Mike Jordan
This specific video is down for me, but I can watch the rest of them. I'm in the US.

It might be hard to top her video of barrel rolls with the African tribal hymn anyways.

If I click through to YouTube.com then it plays.

It didn't work for me at all earlier when I was at school, even when I clicked through to youtube (it would come up on the comments page but the video would say its been removed). I am on the same laptop as earlier, and I am in the US.

Clearly this video is possessed by the holy spirit. Or something.

PS LADY: that little "trick" made your hair MORE frizzy, tard.

Is it against the Bible to wear cha-cha heels?

Why do I get the feeling all of her clothes involve jean skirts, white tennis shoes, and mantillas?
Why did I first think this video was titled Apocalyptic Hairstyles?

You too?

Of course, The jean skirts would all be homemade in order to beat back the demons of vanity. They still haven't figured out how to sew the white Reeboks yet.

wtf japan
Isn't the point of the "no makeup, no fancy clothes, no cutting of the hair" requirement to avoid the sin of vanity?
I think it has more to do with giving them something to do so they have less time to think about not being a baby squirting cook-bot. The whole scene is a very much about control...

I thought this said, "Alcoholic Hairstyles."
Hey, lady. do you know what else isn't very flattering? That thing on your head that looks like a possum fell into a vat of hair dye and drowned.
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