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Desc:First of the latter-day Bush scandals.
Category:News & Politics, Crime
Tags:Countdown, NSA, keith olbermann, Scandal, wiretap
Submitted:Space Helicopter
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Comment count is 13
Caminante Nocturno
We still have plenty of things to get angry about.
Who's surprised by this?
Everyone who gets their news from the media.

Werd, I'm not. Isn't this what the NSA does?

Syd Midnight
We always suspected it was being done. The Bush era was so filled with scandals, they kept coming before they could get resolved. There's probably a decade's worth of dirty shit to sift through now just to resolve or prosecute the major ones.

That's where comedy will go in the next 8 years, sorting through the Bush era scandals one by one. "Hay remember when US contractors lost billion in US currency? Remember that dead weapons inspector? Well guess what?"

No, my lack of shock and indignation is not because of the indisputably awful Bush administration. My lack of shock and indignation is because I always figured this was the least of what the NSA has always done regardless of who the sitting President is.

Bush keeps saying how history will vindicate him.

I swear to God, I would wager everything I have, on history showing his actions even more reprehensible than assumed by the media.
He probabally is stupid enough to believe that. Even if it was a sweet, sweet lie wispered into his ear by Cheney.

Why the hell can i not find a mention of this on nytimes.com? you'd think journalists would be a little more pissed.
It's a chilling 1984 moment when Keith asks how much stuff the government had collected of US news institutions and the NSA guy answers: Everything.
It sent a chill down my spine, yes.

I like this guy ACTUALLY doing his job in defending the spirit of the Constitution. This is the kind of actual journalism that makes Keith worth watching.
Rodents of Unusual Size
So how many journalists suspected that this was going on but couldn't prove anything? It makes me wonder how much intimidation of the press actually occurred.
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