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Desc:'This is a rousing start to what should be a multi-film franchise'
Category:Classic Movies, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Ebert, ben affleck, daredevil, roeper, jennifer garner
Submitted:Jeff Fries
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Comment count is 22
I'm speechless...and so conflicted.
Will giving this stars mean I agree with them or that I am ridiculing them.

I choose not to star!
What is it about movie reviewers that makes them completely unable to admit they know nothing about other mediums?
"This movie is the answer to my complaints about Spiderman" Oops.
I agree with garcet's comment and follow his lead on no stars.
How does he use echolocation without making clicking noises all the time?
Roeper's calls are largely subaudible, though present on the ultrasound spectrum. No dog will ever approach him.

Screw Ebert, screw Roeper, screw Ben Affleck. These stars are all yours.

A really believable romance? What? Garner/Affleck had the all the chemistry of a 6th grade science lab!

5 stars of mockery. And them trying to understand how daredevil can leap from building to building without seriously hurting himself would earn more stars, were it only possible.
Sudan no1
ah yes, I remember a time when superhero movies were expected to be stupid and cheesy.

This is pretty hilarious though.
"Affleck is really good!"

You don't lose your job for saying that?
You should lose a limb for putting "Affleck" in a positive sentence with the word "nuance."
"Electric Nachos?"

Siskel would not have enjoyed this movie...
pretty dark stuff
Rodents of Unusual Size
"ingenious fight scenes..."

"Affleck is really good..."

"I didn't kill your father!"

"You're beautiful" (dopey smile)
"...his legs were also affected by the chemicals..."

Come on, Ebert, shut the fuck up. You just totally made that up to justify your shitty review.
Jeff Fries
He's sort of the mama to Roeper's Alexyss Taylor here.

"I like that he jumps"

"You ain't say nothing about no pussy police."

Consuela the Cuban Whore
Maybe they were seeing the movie they WANTED it to be instead of what it was. I saw the 'director's cut' and it takes the movie from horrid to dull.
The only sadness and confusion I remember came from the audience.

He was right that the characters weren't upstaged by the special effects. Its just not a good thing.
"The thinking man's superhero movie." That right there should have been enough to have the fat one shot repeatedly.
Jeff Fries
full of novocaine in the jaw before ripping it out forever

What the fuck Ebert.
I'm sure if he had a dollar for every time he's heard that, he'd have enough money to buy 5 new titanium jaws with built in bluetooth tech.

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