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Desc:What's even more entertaining is that a 13 year old appreciates Rush.
Category:Arts, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:girl, rush, drums, YYZ
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Comment count is 20
I thought everyone who appreciated Rush was 13 years old?
I thought everyone who didn't appreciate Rush was 13 years old and lacking in any sort of musical talent.

I thought OldScratch should shut his filthy mouth.

No, Rush has a lot of awesome when it comes to technical skill....and nothing else.

Lots of musicians count Rush as an influence.

Anyway, I'm going to go learn this song now because I can't be shown up by some kid.

I knew a few earnest Rush fans back in the day. They formed a tribute band in high school called 'Orbs in the Maelstrom', a name that doubled as a D&D campaign. Did I mention that none of them ever scored?

Some lyrics

"There is unrest in the forest
There is trouble with the trees
For the maples want more sunlight
And the oaks ignore their pleas"

I hate Rush.

Yeah, Rush is shit.

Really, all the technical skill in the world doesn't help you when you have Geddy Lee on vocals. Look at Yngwie Malmsteen.

I imagine her future in a crappy "girl band" because she'll be too hot to be taken seriously.
Well, that was creepy.

Uhhhhh... I'm gonna agree with Hooker and that was kind of creepy...

She's just hot enough, not too hot.

7 years of playing the drums and my drumsticks still go flying in all directions when I twirl them like that. Good on ye, girl.
Fucking asian kids, I swear to god. They are all perfect at everything. Except for this one guy I know. I hate that guy.
wtf japan
"of course they're Asian" needs to be a tag

Seconded. I forsee this girl drumming for that all-girl group who did the upbeat cover of "Like A Rolling Stone".

Anything you can do, a 13-year-old asian kid can do better.
I don't mind being shown up by kids in everything I could ever attempt in my life, I just wish, just once, I had the joy they had when they do what they do. I suck at everything because I can never get that happy about what I do, or maybe I'm never happy because I suck at everything. Either way, I just want to know what that happiness is like.

Truer words have never been written. Also fuck Rush.

Syd Midnight
I think there should be a TV show called "You Got Your Ass Kicked by a 13 Year Old", and I can see howe this episode would play out.
a flaming monkey
The smile.
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