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Desc:Poor man's version of the cult classic
Category:Short Films, Horror
Tags:bruce campbell, be kind rewind, Army of darkness, sweded
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Take the stairs. It's fun.
Comment count is 14
Caminante Nocturno
I like it but where's the end?
Could've been tightened up. The Terminator 2 one was perfect.

-2 stars for the guys thinking that "dum dee doo dee-ing" into a mic for the entire thing would make it funnier.
Jeff Fries
Extra star for dropping the matchbox car in the foreground for some reason instead of the background.

I thought jean luc picard was a nice touch myself.

Jean Luc Picard AND Darth Vader.

Making a bad, low-budget version of a bad, low-budget movie is like trying to satirize Dr. Strangelove. It gets even worse in that they're spoofing a movie that's already pretty effectively spoofing its source material.
Dinkin Flicka
There is one word in that first sentence that doesn't quite fit... Hints: Starts with a B, is used twice (this is referencing the second use). Consider revising.

The guy pretending to be Ash thinks he is awesome. He touches himself at night and feels justified.
The lightsabers at the end are a nice touch.
Those guys totally fought over who got to be Ash.
punch drunk babies
T2=5 stars, Predator=4, I gotta give this one a 3
Poor Excuse
Lets pretend I was going to give it 5 (though I don't think I would have). Now I'm your stars, and you're my stars!

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