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Desc:AronRa is like Thunderf00t, but even more brutal.
Category:Science & Technology, Religious
Tags:Evolution, creationism, AronRa
Submitted:Space Helicopter
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Comment count is 10
GoodAaron - 2009-01-23
Fives stars for the use of "Clue" and "Doctor Who" in righteous indignation.
chumbucket - 2009-01-23
the war on religionology rages on
Son of Slam - 2009-01-23
4 starts for cameron/comfort bashing that has been done before but is always satisfying.

5th star for cute accented Atheist at 3:15
StanleyPain - 2009-01-23
This guy makes some great videos. Long before anyone on YouTube was doing anything like this, he was on the forefront of taking the "vlogger ministries" to task. And I mean that as in, in an intellectual and factual way as opposed to attention whoring like AmazingAtheist and that type.
SteamPoweredKleenex - 2009-01-23
Pshaw. Everyone knows that everything WAS created, just a few seconds ago, and it's just an illusion that there were ever any past events since God created all the phony evidence that history happened.

Really. It's all in my pamphlet, book, and 12 CD collection, available for a "faith offering" of only 0.
boba. - 2009-01-23
you geniuses need to each make a 60 minute commentary video on his commentary video, each with at least 30 points. then you could all make commentary videos on each others videos. it would be awesome. kirk cameron and all his followers would see it and finally be convinced. keith olbermann would also be involved somehow.
glasseye - 2009-01-24
libby1217 - 2009-01-26
you guys absolutely comment on nothingness...where's the opinion... where's the fight...oh ok i'll see you on a "forum"
GlennFinito - 2009-01-26
AronRa owns
joelkazoo - 2009-08-02
His use of classic film and TV clips is wonderful.
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