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Desc:The Daily Show somehow still finds things to mock in this new age.
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:Jon Stewart, fox news, the daily show, Sean Hannity, Barack Obama
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Comment count is 20
Frank Rizzo
"The Daily Show somehow still finds things to mock in this new age."

you really have to much faith in Obama and his whole "change" thing. The writers of this show will never suffer from writers block.
Administrations come and go. Fox News is forever.

I was trying to sarcastically respond to all the "OMG DAILY SHOW WILL SUCK WITHOUT BUSH!!" comments.

Comrade Admiral
Before I rate this, what date is this from, so I can watch it on the Officially Sanctioned Canadian Government Online Content Provider System?
Louis Armstrong
from January 22, 2009 I believe
"I find it highly entertaining that we're talking about these things less than 24 hours into the Presidency."

Me too. Well, except for the O'Reilly comment and the whole suggestion that following the Constitution too dangerous. That's not so much entertaining as extremely disturbing.
I'm still amazed that Fox and Rush are taken seriously by anyone anymore. It's as if they're taking Art Bell's stuff and wherever they see "Lizard People" or "aliens" they're insterting "Obama" and "Democrats."
Caminante Nocturno
"Some of our viewers are strong enough to keep themselves from visualizing it," the director said. "Get the graphics people on the line."
I was busy trying to block out the 'bend over backwards and grab your ankles' image.

I survived 8 years of adulthood under the Clinton administration being under attack by these very same fuckin' people and remember exactly how their song went...the second he got elected, all these douchenozzles came out of the woodwork repackaged as rebels.

It was around the same time all this "bear arms against tyranny"/militia stuff started up (where the hell were those guys when Bush was actually bringing the tyranny?) and the Ayn Rand people took over all the "Philosophy" threads on all the BBSs I used to frequent.

Basically, I anticipate another 4-8 years of this kind of monkeyshines from the right winger types.
Yeah, I have a friend who never owned a gun before he got married, and now that Obama is in the White House, he's convinced that he needs an arsenal. He's got a lot of company, as he's having trouble finding ammo at the local Wal-Mart and gun stores.

Certain that the big bad ol' lib'rulls are going to take his guns away, he dismisses my view that if there IS a need to start shooting the people coming through your door in the next few years, it's going to be due to them wanting your last can of Campbell's Cream of Mushroom than some ATF agent who will install a Fox News channel block on your TV while he confiscates your AK-47.

I like poking his paranoia by dismissively saying that I'm on the list to get the guns belonging to a Christian family in Texas after martial law is suspended and those who voted Republican have to get the "special tattoos" on the backs of their necks.

Uh, video submitter, you DO know that "news" isn't a plural word, and so it should "fears" rather than "fear" right? There's only one instance of Fox News, not several instances of Fox New.
I just put the title that Comedy Central had on their website. You're welcome to write a letter to them.

I don't think you're getting the pun:
"Fair and Balanced"
"Fear ImBalance"

Ok, so its not really funny. But often the titles derive their humor from the cringes.

Yeah, I actually... noticed that. I'm a stupid asshole. You're not.

Also in this case 'fear' is a noun, not a verb.

Syd Midnight
There's probably a word in German for that moment in Headlines where Stewart has to sit there while the crown yuks it up at the punny headline over his shoulder Uberstewartlaughen or something.

"is rush limbaugh molting?" is all i needed to hear
Dear god Limbaugh. I mean I already knew you were batshit but I'd forgotten to what degree.
I am going to have fun listening to the neoconservatives rant and flail these next four years.
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