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Desc:Dr. Wily finally pulls his head out of his ass.
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:mega man, megaman, oh shit
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Comment count is 14
Dr. Lobotomy
While the rest just leap(or swim) forward and get blasted, there's some nice teamwork between Wood Man, Metal Man and Heat Man.

And more importantly, it fits in perfectly with Dr.Wily's track record that a giant flamethrowing zippo lighter and a guy who chucks circular saw blades would use a tree stump with legs as cover.
I'm just five starring the peek into Dr. Wily's mind, here.

I particularly enjoyed the first attempt, where this guy annihilated his way though the bosses, only to be destroyed by a solo Heat Man in the end. Anticlimactic, since i found Heat Man to be one of the simpler bosses to beat, if you had the right weapon.
Hey guy maybe stop opening with gay mega man. Maybe open with the toughest one? I'll be honest; I don't know anything about megaman. Why did Dr. wily make a leafblower man? It seems like a bad design however you slice it.
Caminante Nocturno
At times, it seemed as though going all at once worked against the Robot Masters.
Price is Right failure music.
"Of course!" said Dr. Wiley. "I'll develop eight robots who are weak against each others' powers. Then put them all in a tiny room and have them all attack Megaman at once, without any sort of coordination or plan! Did I mention they're all weak against each others' powers?"

Shit like this is why Protoman won't work with him anymore.
Don`t forget that half the bosses were weak against their OWN weapon.

I love that the description is "Dr.Wily finally pulls his head out of his ass" and the submission right below this on the main poeTV page is "Man gets his head stuck in elephants ass".
I hadn't heard of Megaman 2 NETA before. Insane.
He doesn't pit all the bosses together because all of their weapons just happen to be the weak spot of another, cancelling them out. Duh.

If he really brainstormed, he would stop building robots that were weak to the attacks of his other robots.
Jumping through boss doors.
Needs every Megaman 2 boss music played at once.
Pfff, energy tanks.
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