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Desc:Why you shouldn't go swimming in Russian winter
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Stunts
Tags:ice, ouch my face, russain, swiming
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Comment count is 27
Syd Midnight
Tags need "Russian" spellchecked, also "Dude you alright"
These are the guys holding western europe to ransom over gas.
Dinkin Flicka
Always comforting to know that "Ha ha ha" is the one phrase that transcends language barriers.
Wow. He didnt even test the water.
And if there hadn't been ice there, he would have ended up under the ice sheet.

The Caffeine Kid
These five stars are for the cameraman's voice, which I find sexually arousing somehow.
This isn't a Russian winter. This was filmed in July. It's technically a Russian "summer."
He deserved it. He has a tattoo.
The Mothership
Thwack! hee hee hee!

"Call an ambulance! He has a depressed skull fracture!"

"Even funnier!"
I really like the second guy who just kind of saunters around after. Somehow that makes it for me
Do they call them "redniks" over there?
Lauritz Melchior
Dear anonymous:

Funny video! Thanks for the find.

Please be sure to spell check your tags in the future.

People from specific countries take the suffix "-an" or "-ian".

"Swimming" as you so astutely noticed in your title and description, contains two ems.

Thank you, much love.
you a bitch

"M" is spelled "m".

Yeah, yeah...
I submitted anonymously by mistake.
My furnace is broke, and I was typing too fast for good spelling (to get the hell outta this frigid room) so sorry bout that.
I do KNOW the correct spelling (as evidenced in the title), but now I can't fix the tags.

Dosvidanya, comrade.

Needs Dudeski, you alright? tag.
Lauritz Melchior
Or, better yet, "Droog, you all right?"

white people!
Jesus, that had to hurt like a bitch.
Russian comedy.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Russian people know how to laugh at their friends.
LeMoyne IV
"Nasty bump. You need some ice for that?"
Give the man a bottle of vodka, he'll be alright.
Lies, lies, LIES!
Russian practical jokes are a bitch.
So that's how Jesus pulled off the walking on water stunt, although he drank less vodka beforehand, and his finale was much better.
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