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Category:Classic TV Clips, Educational
Tags:Racist, black people, white people, yellow people, Red people
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Comment count is 16
They start a good 'ol country song with the French national anthem(2:20)?

No Way Jose.

The French Anthem button on their casio is right next to the honkey-tonk button.

Those are the grayest black kids I've ever seen.
Their lip-synching is worse than Milli Vanilli.
That's right, children of the world, Jesus loves YOU. Whether you're Belgian, Argonian, Swedish, Spanish, Australian, Austrian and everything in between (including you crazy letter Z-starting countries I've neglected to mention). Whether your musical scales are tritonic, pentatonic or heptatonic, major or minor. Whether you wear pointy hats, parachute pants or the sacred hawk feathers that carry within them, the spirits of your honored ancestors (who may or may not be Jesus). Jesus loves all of you!

Except the little Arab children, sorry. In 1982, Jesus Court made the ruling that these poor souls are not actually human children, but a kind of fish. This hereby absolves Jesus of the responsibility of loving them. This also means that they can be eaten during Lent.
Five stars for "Argonian".

Pity that I already voted, so they will have to be merely honorary.

We are all God's children, and through him we can find eternal life.

Unless you weren't part of a small desert tribe in a backwater burb of the Middle East. In that case he has no interest in talking to you, demonstrating his existence, or bothering to give you any way of hearing how to get into heaven. God's actually a little picky when it comes to his kids.


*cue theme from "Shaft" as run through a Casio keyboard with vocals straight out of a bag of Wonder Bread*

Oh shit. "Red" means Indians, not communists.

Minor revelation here.
It ain't easy being white
Its like, a burden or something.

Sean Robinson
I like the Neil Young "Broken Arrow"-esque breakdowns into the chorus.
Blaaaaaaaaaack just sounded ominous.
Sweet Jesus. A Spanish hat on the Messuicano... and "black" sounded like they were coughing up furballs.

But I fear that I must remove a star because the French were not green.
I literally was so taken aback by the black kids segment that I felt light headed. It's so innocently offensive that you almost feel bad for the naive churchgoers who orchestrated the whole mess. Almost.
Menudo con queso
As I watched, I wondered if my Friends of Color would see the humor or be offended, but then the white kids came on and I got really offended.

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