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Desc:Featuring awkward come-ons and masterful use of live effects
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:karaoke, mr. belding, whats going on here, Brooke Hogan
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Comment count is 6
GoodAaron - 2009-02-04
This is at Dimple's, one of Los Angeles' most notorious karaoke bars and supposedly the first karaoke bar in America.

Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding) hangs out there on almost a nightly basis, despite the fact that he hasn't drunk alcohol for around 4 years, ever since he was roofied at Charles Barkley's birthday party in Las Vegas.

He is currently releasing a karaoke album, which will be available on Amazon.com.

These are the things Dennis Haskins told me when I met him.
rapsnacks - 2009-02-04
That is more than I ever thought I'd know about this submission. My only follow-up is: who wanted to daterape Mr. Belding?

yogarfield - 2011-08-10
i think you mean to say "who was going to get raped but didn't because mr. haskins consumed their roofie?"

Sean Robinson - 2009-02-04
Quick poll, do you folks think Hulk Hogan has fucked his daughter?
charmlessman - 2009-02-04
He has at least "said his prayers" to her picture.

boner - 2009-02-04
What is going on here?
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