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Desc:Alright you demonic bastards! Let's take this outside!
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:indians, whip, Lash LaRue, ghost indians
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Comment count is 15
Innocent Bystander
At first I thought this was just run-of-the-mill exploitation crap but this goes on for so long and clearly shows that whoever made it doesn't know anything about making movie trailers.
For christ's sake a monkey can sit down at an editing board and randomly push buttons and hit things and accidentally do a better editing job than this.
So that was pretty much the gist of the movie, huh?

Okay so I can understand wanting a pool table and a hot tub, but who actually WANTS a deadly secret in their home? For whom is this a selling point? "Uh yes I'd like a house that is definitely subject to murders. The murders are non-negotiable."
I had the exact same thought, he should have reviewed that script before doing the voiceover.

That was a hella long trailer, considering the movie itself barely breaks an hour in length.
5 stars for whip fight.
Toltecs are baaad dudes.

Also, "This isn't funny!"


Rodents of Unusual Size
I really want to see the whip fight they take outside.
wtf japan
Willie Nelson?
More like Bill from Left4Dead.

0:17 does her jacket have testicles?
Is that ghost indian giving an indian rug burn at 1:12?
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