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Desc:Some of the shots are a little different
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:batman, joker, the dark knight, Hopsital, lollipop
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Some background:

One of my brother's college roommates now works for DC Comics or something. He did some kind of viral marketing for the movie at any rate. This was just a thing he did for fun with his four younger brothers, who all look exactly like him.

Kid on the left looks JUST like Stephen Graham.
Kid playing the joker is a fat fuck and in a "viral" marketing video before the the age of 10, nice setup for life.
Yes, being in this creditless and quickly-forgotten youtube video will send him down a dark and sinister path.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Er, scratch "creditless."

Next up is hookers and blow man. All down hill from there.

This wasn't part of the campaign. The thing he was working on was totally different. This was just something he did for fun with his brothers. Also, the Joker was in third grade when they made it. You just made fun of a grade schooler's weight.

I'm just glad these boys aren't on whatever path produced a scumbag like you.

Don't take theSnake too seriously. He's just jealous that he will never make anything as cool as this and consequently never get the mountains of fat cock that he so desperately craves.

Oh come on, recreating the "hit me!" scene with a tricycle has to be worth some stars.
Damn straight. If dressing up as Batman and filming it is now "selling out", then I don't want to be in.

I want a bat-tricycle.
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