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Desc:Anti-smoking PSA with the Man of Steel and Nick O' Teen
Tags:PSA, cigarettes, Superman, Public Service Announcement, Irish people
Submitted:Hugo Gorilla
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Comment count is 21
Did Superman just kill that guy?
No, cigarettes did, obviously.

Why does superman sound like he is trying to suppress a Russian accent?

Corman's Inferno
See Superman: Red Son.

With my X-ray vision, I can see the cancerous tumors growing in people's bodies! Thanks to the X-ray vision I keep exposing them to. So...my bad kids.
Corman's Inferno
This is the third time this thing has shown up here, but Superman murdering a guy for a misdemeanor is always a 5.
Upon reviewing the video, Nick O' Teen didn't even do anything wrong, he was merely stating a fact and then lighting a match.

Superman killed an innocent man. 5 stars.

Caminante Nocturno
Nick O'Teen is such a fag.

you should meet his buddy Al K. Hall

How does throwing a man into the sun help him grow up fast?
Jeez, dude, Superman is being ironical.

Hugo Gorilla
Well, damn.

I'm baffled at the high production values of such a weird commercial.
The animation is really fucking good. Sad it was wasted on an ad that will save no one from cigarettes and is pretty pointless all around.

Also the voice acting is terrible. Superman has a pretty bad case of the mush-mouth.

wtf japan
This is bullshit. He doesn't have to worry about lungrot. He's SUPERMAN.

This makes me mad. I need a smoke.
El Zapatista
Where's the Irish person the tag promised?
Nick was adopted. But then his parents were killed by a radioactive anti-smoking billboard, and he turned to an especially stupid brand of villainy.

O' is actually derivative of the Scotch. Although some Irish (including my maternal side) still use it, its not distinctively Irish.

"if you want to GO UP FAST, take one of these!"

And then he dies.

Superman should kill more

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