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Desc:Creationist vid for kids aged 7-12 with special emphasis on explaining that all dinos were vegans
Category:Crime, Religious
Tags:dinosaurs, creationism, Child abuse, Home schooling, headdesk
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Comment count is 25
nage - 2009-02-02
Depending up on idiocy or sarcasm this could be pro or anti creationism.
dementomstie - 2009-02-02
Excuse me? Mr. Crazy Guy: What about dinosaurs like the Elasmosaurus? They lived in the ocean, so were they created on the 6th day with the rest of the dinosaurs or were they created with the fish and things?
Also: Dino-kid is doing a bad impression of Wash. And all I can think at the end is "Bears: Godless killing machines"
Chancho - 2009-02-02
Why do you hate God?

Cena_mark - 2009-02-02
That's because Elasmosaurus wasn't a dinosaur. It may have lived around the same time, but dinosaurs are classified as being terrestrial. Another key identifier of dinosaurs is their erect hip joints. Elasmosaurus wouldn't have a hip anything like a dinosaurs.

There I just owned you. Or shall I say 'God owned you'

Randroid - 2009-02-02
This... this changes EVERYTHING

Spastic Avenger - 2009-02-02
You walked into that one a bit.

Camonk - 2009-02-02
Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

dementomstie - 2009-02-02
Wow, amazing amount of response for what I felt was a completely jack-ass comment.

snothouse - 2009-02-02
"I know what you might be thinking: dinosaurs with man?"
Oh great, they're actually going to address all the psychical evidence that...
"in a perfect world, there was no death..."
Never mind.
KnowFuture - 2009-02-02
My brain has been pulled in about 40 directions chasing each piece of bad logic in this clip. THANKS POETV

Comeuppance - 2009-02-02
I'm not sure which fills me with more rage:
A. That adults wrote this and see no logical faults within.
B. That there are undoubtedly parents who will force their kids to watch it.

Five for willful ignorance of logic and reason. It doesn't get much more evil than that.
pastorofmuppets - 2009-02-03
Really, what it comes down to is people favoring one book over one million books that say the opposite.

This isn't just stupidity, it's stupidity that's passed down through generations. Everyone involved in the Scopes trial is either dead or too old to work a video camera.

If the Amish want to believe in a 6-day creation, so be it. It's not like they're out evangelizing. But these people that come out in broad daylight and say this shit like it's the most normal thing in the world...it really is some of the worst evil that we've had to deal with, as a society. They are like cancer.

pastorofmuppets - 2009-02-03
Forgot my stars. Though I'm not sure people who are hell-bent on destroying this country should get any stars.

CharlesSmith - 2009-02-02
This is the show they watch in Jesus Camp.

Either that, or there are TWO creationism kid's shows where one of the characters is a dinosaur-mutant.
rustedmutt - 2009-02-02
Too much stupid. Could not finish. Fuck, just take the stars.
wtf japan - 2009-02-02
You really ought to have. The mental imagery of a T-Rex chomping his way through the underbrush just for the hell of it really got to me.

Adam O'Connell - 2009-02-02
It's a joke. Right? A joke. They can't be serious... THEY CAN'T BE SERIOUS!?
Louis Armstrong - 2009-02-02
I want to have a T-rex play with me! Also a suit wearing scientist dino friend.
fatatty - 2009-02-02
I've actually seen the original version of that dino-friend thing. The guy who made it, Doug Henderson, was a teacher at my school and was my old roommate's mentor in the special effects department. My roommate would come home with all these weird conspiracies about scientists faking fossil finds to fit into their sinister evolution timeline or filing down skulls to make them look like ape ancestors or something. I always wondered why the hell he was always talking about that shit until I found out what that dinosaur was actually for. It all makes sense now.
fatatty - 2009-02-02
Also now having watched the clip in full. This is really really horrible. Needs child abuse tag.

kennydra - 2009-02-02
Mulder, look at this!

Xiphias - 2009-02-02
This is exactly what I was taught in 4th grade. I'm not even kidding.
Helena Handbasket - 2009-02-02
Five starts to heal the pain of child-Xiphias.

Caminante Nocturno - 2009-02-03
Bears are omnivores, and Tyrannosaurus teeth were nothing like machetes. You dumb son of a bitch.
FABIO - 2009-09-21
I was expecting Kane to pop out at any second and shoot these guys in the back of the head.
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