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Desc:If you're not excited about nanotech, you should be
Category:Science & Technology, Educational
Tags:nanotechnology, matter compiler, replicator
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Comment count is 21
Nice sound effects.
yup. those are the things that will kill us all
Hugo Gorilla
Grey Goo, baby.
Soon enough, we'll see hacks on the internet for our nano-factories.

Want cocaine? SURE! A gun? Pfft child's play.

Just don't be surprised when your pistol falls into a pile of cubes after you shoot it.
This is all well and good for the residents of Second Life, but what about OUR needs?
Dr. Venkman
and the needs of the frisbee show?

The organization paying for this:

-1 because no mention of timeframe
Obviously no one knows the timeframe but many people don't think it's unreasonable that we could see this technology in our lifetimes. Or it could all be futurist masturbation fantasy.

From the Center for Responsible Nanotechnology:

Molecular manufacturing is the use of programmable chemistry to build exponential manufacturing systems and high-performance products. There are several ways this can be achieved, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. This technology is coming soon—almost certainly within 20 years, and perhaps in less than a decade. When it arrives, it will come quickly. Molecular manufacturing can be built into a self-contained, tabletop factory that makes cheap products efficiently at molecular scale. The time from the first assembler to a flood of powerful and complex products may be less than a year.


This is great.

I want to see what the Nanofactory does when it starts glitching it's ass off, such as receiving an order to create a cellphone and it instead creates a hybrid of iPhone and toaster oven.
iToast. Now with Jam™.

Banal Intercourse
But will it blend?

Where's the utopian social changes? The immortality? Nerds getting back at the people who made fun of them in high school? All I see in this futurist maturbation fantasy is some unfeasible technology.
Fine then. You don't get an atomically precise laptop.

C'mon, Singularity!

Of course, we'll get this stuff and then use it to realize we've all been playing some gigantic version of "The Sims" as we travel through the galaxy as a very bored cloud of hyper-intelligent nanites.

Tea. Hot. Earl Grey.
Why was I thinking the same thing?

What the video doesn't show are the bodies that get tossed into the front end of the machine to be turned into laptops.

Inspiron is people. PEOPLE!
hee hee

This whole thing could've been done with lego, which would've been more fun and more impressive.
Spike Jonez
I concur, and this must be done now.

Yeah but can it make a vagina?
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