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Desc:I HATE Corolla, but he gets my props for this!
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:Ann Coulter, Adam Corolla, hang-up, vicarious pleasure
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Comment count is 25
I love her accusatory tone. As if Corolla gave her the wrong number just to make her look dumb. She probably miss-dialed.
No that's pretty much what she sounds like all the time. That's why you just want to punch her all the time.

You mean apart from her being a desperately embittered, hostile, myopic, insensitive little talking point repeating bitch?

I like Corolla and I hate Coulter, so this is win-win for me
Haha, right on, Adam.

I mean I'm pretty sure anyone would have done the same thing but still, knowing that this probably really upset her is awesome anyway.
This needs some kind of "vicarious pleasure" tag. Because really, who HASN'T wanted to hang up on Ann Coulter?
More people need to get the upper hand on Ann Coulter.
Prickly Pete
Adam Carolla is awesome. How dare you.
How dare you. How dare you sir, no excuse me sir. How DARE you.

Prickly Pete
I say good day to you sir!

The God of Biscuits
I actually -- by complete chance -- heard this live 4 (5?) years ago while driving to high school, flipping through the radio stations. What sucks is that Carolla had to apologize for hanging up on the bitch. It was still awesome.
This is FDR's fault somehow...
This is how an interview with Ann Coulter should be conducted from now on.
10 points, five stars.
I fully endorse hiring Ann Coulture to be on your show and being a dickhead to her until she storms out. Repeatedly if possible.
Yeah, ok/
I'm no fan of Corolla, but he has my full respect for being a dick to Ann Coulter.
My sentiments exactly.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I've heard this before. It's simply magical.
That ain't bad.
Magical Man from Happy-Land
My new fetish is hanging up on Ann Coulter
oh man the "alright then get lost" came out of nowhere and it fucking floored me.
More shows should do this.
That was so cathartic. I just realized that ive been wanting to do that to coulter for soo long now. Its funny but its like some huge weight has been taken off my shoulders.

Thanks Adam!
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