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Desc:Combining awful acting, awful jokes, awful animation, and awful musical numbers. It's pretty awful.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:70s, 80s, Superheroes, awful, filmation
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Comment count is 19
A few things: This is part one of three - it's all the host segments distilled down.

Also: Check out the casual racism where they suggest the black guy isn't even human.

Finally: This was initially meant to be a show featuring Archie & company. It's pretty obvious which Archie characters were supposed to fit into which roles.
They are all Moose?

Fuck you, Rex, you smarmy asshole!

Poor Excuse
Aint nothin awful about Glorious Gal.

Sock it to me!

Dirty Trixie is a born-again Christian who went on to help write "Bibleman" with her husband.

*** The more you know ***

I'd like to give her a Dirty Trixie.
That guys name is just "Punk Rock". He's not even a superhero, he's a physical incarnation of one genre of music as perceived by another genre of music.
Uh... I think he's supposed to be a "punk" in the prison slang manner.

Also, it's awesome that he BLATANTLY CHANGES RACE when he becomes a cartoon.

I dont think he's black.

also, there's a black female.

Koda Maja
There's something unnerving about a room full of children pointing and laughing at a person.

Also, Weatherman has got to be be the worst super-hero name I've ever heard.
Cal realized this show was bullshit.

also, I'm glad my children wont be subjected to this swill.
Why is Dirty Trixie the only one with a mask? What is she hiding? And I like that Fred (from Scooby-Doo) was clearly only a sham 'real person' identity for Captain California [they say he has the power of a Californian!].
These children have been told to laugh hysterically on cue or a puppy will die.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I came across this before on Youtube and lost track of the URL and what the hell it was called. Thank you, Hooper X!
Rodents of Unusual Size
This really is one of the most awesomely atrocious things television has ever produced. It's like the producers got high and decided to let their 7 year olds write the script.

Actually...that could explain this.

They're pretty mean to each other!
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