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Desc:Our Hero Takes Us To His Second House To Show Us Grand Theft Auto And Go-Karts.
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:black people, performance art, Soulja Boy, offsetting the civil rights movement
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Comment count is 10
it's gonna be so awesome when he gets capped
Why would anyone shoot him? He'd have to say something to make anyone angry enough to shoot him and despite ten minutes of jabber, he doesn't actually say anything. I can see why someone would shoot Tupac. But this guy?


I like how his wikipedia has rapper in quotes, but most people that are probably reading about souljah boy on the internet have no idea what that means.
at 5:18

what the fuck is that, what the fuck is that, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT
Being employed as one of his "friends" must be among the worst jobs in the world.
This is the modern version of Andy Kaufman's "I'm from Hollywood" routine... except it's being done without a single shred of irony.

Also: Don't act like you don't fucking watch Cartoon Network, kid. You're 13.
Also: "Rich nigga shit" = Waffle House? Seriously? REAL RICH NIGGAS EAT WAFFLE HOUSE TAKEOUT, BITCH!

I'm sure the white neighbors just LOVE the go karts
Whenever I watch a video of Soulja Boy talking, I realize that subconsciously, I have been praying to different gods that Soulja Boy may die. But then when he chants "Rich niggas wear Yums", and then runs around the house dropping bills, it was no longer subconscious, and sounded more like "OH MY GOD I WANT YOU TO DIE!"
He uses "man" the way and frequency others use schwas.

Also, I mean, I could easily get a bunch of singles and throw them on the floor. You do not have to be rich to do that. You need like twenty bucks set aside for laundry.
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