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Desc:Seriously, it is the most awful sound you will ever hear come out of a toy.
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:chicken, horrible, what hell sounds like, annoying toy, gifts for children whose parents you hate
Submitted:Cap'n Profan!ty
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Comment count is 19
Grandma just called. She said to take your chicken and go home because you're ruining everyone's lives. And eating all our steak.
Comrade Admiral
awesome reference brah

Tell your grandma to bring the car around.

A DJ on a local rock (99.9 KISW) station uses this to mess with the stoners that call in. Always wondered if it actually came from a rubber chicken.
Ricker is the most annoying DJ ever

World's most annoying toy, meet world's most annoying tool.
So where can I get one?
Petco. We used to always joke about how it sounded like someone being tortured.

See if someone stuck that thing in my face while making faces I wouldn't be annoyed I'd be laughing until I cried.
j lzrd / swift idiot
Oh, yes, I need one of these. For my ring tone, for my voice mail, for the answering machine, for the NOISE INSIDE MY HEAD, and yes, for the most potentially awesome unlinked tag yet.
They sell these as dog toys. I almost bought one for my dog but thought better of it; she would have been ecstatic, but she would also have it making that horrible noise ALL DAY LONG (her favorite toys are ALWAYS the loudest and most annoying ones).

I'm kinda puzzled by the people who go ahead and buy them. Are they deaf or just crazy?
Innocent Bystander
That chicken is in agony.
"What Hell sounds like" tag, please.
Cap'n Profan!ty
Done and done!

I was at the Pacific Mall and I swore there was a retarded kid in the store having a freakout or something. Then I found the rack full of these things as the source. I should really go and buy a few to give to my Nephew if my sister pisses me off.
god help the people that work there

Goronchev, is that you?
This would be great to incorporate into Joel Hodgson's "party in your pants" gag

Please tell me one of you gets the reference
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