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Desc:I'm guhhhh.
Tags:gay, cwc, Chris-Chan, Christian Weston Chandler, Deep in an anime pit
Submitted:bakune young
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Resubmit:Torture the Artist

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Comment count is 20
Already removed. Someone want to tell me what this was?
It's already been mirrored here and there, but it's kind of dull. He spends about three minutes talking about how much he respects gay people and eventually comes out as a "gaybian" - a male lesbian.

An hour later he pulled it and put up a different video where he rambles a lot and talks about being "forced to come out of the closet" and says he's gay. Then he pulled that one

In both videos his precious Sonichu medallion is missing, and he talks a lot about being "forced" to come out of the closet, leading and some people are theorising that he's sent it to a troll (again - the last medallion came to a terrible end) and they're threatening to do bad things to it if he doesn't put up a video saying he's gay.
Wait, what became of the original Sonichu medallion? I read ED's article that have mentioned the fake medallion controversies, but never heard anything about the real thing other than CWC has always had possession of it.

And yes, it certainly does seem likely that CWC is being coerced into saying that he is gay... but a couple of things don't add up:

1. He is qualifies his statements with the "gaybian" nonsense. If trolls really have his medallion, then they would probably not tolerate this squelching. If he was really being trolled, couldn't he just say exactly what the trolls want him to say... then give the community an update about what really went down when he gets his medallion back?

2. Why not just out these trolls and make another Sonichu Medallion? It certainly would garner sympathy and support, and if what wart said was true, it's not like this was the original anyways.

Also of interest: (2:27) "God please help me"

Yeah, they got the medal. Last I recall, they trolled him with some girl pretending to be into him, coercing him toward mailing it. At first he denied all of this, but after photos were posted and the revelation was undeniable even by CWC's standards, he started making posts+video blogs about how it was never the source of his powers and some ring was his real cherished posession. Also I think he made another medallion.

Monkey Napoleon
As I understand it:
There was a fake medallion, but it was discovered to be fake pretty early on. Not too much later, he sent the REAL medallion to a troll. The two seperate events are confused a lot, it would appear, because in classic CWC style he made a video where he denied that anyone had gotten their hands on his beloved medallion where he kind of waffled and let the truth slip, and the one video was his comment on BOTH of the events.
His ED article is poorly organized, which makes it hard to decipher as there's so much material there.

If you feel sorry for this guy, you're a sap. Autism doesn't make you a world class drama whore / animu manchild / sonic the hedgehog fanfic wanker. Every second of this guy's internet existance is pure delicious "for the love of god listen to the undoubtedly HUNDREDS of people who've told you that as long as you stay those trolls are gonna be right up your ass."

He keeps right on truckin though.

I'd recommend watching this -- the second -- one instead: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skl9VKgQCqQ

... specifically the part around 2:15ish
Yeah, actually I think the second one was the originally submitted one - my bad.

I note how he's fiddling with Optimus Prime in both videos; again, it makes me think he might be being blackmailed into posting these because in his infamous manifesto video he said playing with Transformers toys is a good way to understand men.
This is just really sad.
Yesterday I finally worked up the courage to watch 3guys1hammer. And today, here I am again, watching Chris's amazing adventures in slo-mo self immolation. 5 stars for not being sure which makes me feel worse about myself.
Watching that doesn't

need courage, it needs a level of callousness that can define you as a human being.

And I didn't want to give this five stars, Firefox got lippy with me and it just happened. I didn't want to give any stars to this.

This is just fucking sad.

You're right.


Adam O'Connell
I actually can't watch him any more I feel too much pity now. Not to sound like Mrs Brady but I think the people trolling him should be ashamed of themselves.
Oh and Carol? Don't forget to ask Alice to whip up some more of those pork chops tonight.

Gay Beans
This comes across like a terrorist hostage video. The lighting, the fidgeting, the "god help me" comment and the way he keeps looking nervously off to the side.

I'm starting to just feel bad for this guy. :/
The e-bullying of this guy is a shame, simply because I'm sure he's dealt with this shit his whole life making him a 20-something maturity-stunted shut in. Why anyone is concerned about his sexuality makes little difference, he will most likely never get the opportunity to explore it beyond fiddling with himself. I appreciate his stunted consciousness, leave him the eternal 12 year old he is.
No one is actually concerned about his sexuality. That's why it's trolling. He doesn't seem to understand that videos like this are a veritable gold mine for trolls. Personally I'm going to side with the Brady side on this one and say this is horrible.

But this is the Portal of Evil isn't it?

The original PoE discouraged direct interaction with the creators of rare internet gold... I'd prefer this sort of crazy was left in his natural habitat undisturbed for our quiet observation.

Monkey Napoleon
The original PoE discouraged direct interaction by users of PoE. It never discouraged the posting of interactions in general. PoE has NEVER been above this sort of thing.
Videos of cats are that way =>

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