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Desc:I honestly don't care if this is real or not.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Educational
Tags:michael cera, voice crack, overreaction, Youth in Revolt
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Comment count is 20
Judging by all the shit they did on the set of superbad, this is totally fake, but no less awesome.
Rodents of Unusual Size
This movie is based on a book almost entirely about fucking with people. So this could either be real or a testament to how great Michael Cera really is.

Sean Robinson
Pronouncing that this fake is like announcing, just to be sure that everyone is aware, that you shouldn't really try to go to the mall and buy shoes from Al Bundy.

Admitting that you think it might be real is purely a sign of mental illness.

DUDE, a Youth In Revolt movie? This very well could be some kind of wacky, mindfucky promo thing for it. That movie's gonna be fun.

Does parody mean fake now?

Five stars for Michael Cera, and no, it's not because I'm in love with him and want to have like a million of his babies but I can't because I'm a man and I hate myself for it so I don't know why you even brought that up.

dude.... he's amazing
Holy crap. I love the extents Cera goes to in order to be ridiculous.
i assume this is just in response to Christian Bale's latest tantrum. Cera's awesome.
I love how he's even awkward in his "rage." It has the vibe of a Brendan Small (character) rant more than a Christian Bale I'm so Motherfucking Important rant.
This just makes him more awesome.
it's the tying of the bathrobe, really.
and the christan bale hairstyle.

Though isn't Michael Cera kind of old to be playing Nick Twisp?

"People laugh when things are funny!"
Grudgingly giving five stars for awesome from an actor I otherwise usually can't stand.
This makes me much, much happier about the casting of Cera as Scott Pilgrim.
I'm going to -1 star this just because of that. I'm not sure how this fake backstage asshole Cera that embarrasses himself through a lack of self awareness is any different from the fake backstage asshole etc. from the Superbad extras or that webseries he did. It's funny but this and his other persona are getting to be shtick and a little tiring. Scotty just too cool, baby. Dude better pull out some new tricks, Cera.


he is a very nice young man
I've been watching Arrested Development reruns lately. This video makes him look old.
Frank Rizzo
youtube comments of gold as always.

the first comment "really? how bout you come over here and say that and see how bad you get your ass kicked "
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