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Desc:Oh, this seems like a nice episoOH MY WORD!
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:Doctor Who, Tom Baker, best actor EVER, gratuitous violence
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you know, I've used my replica for that very same purpose
This clip asks more questions than it answers.

Why is the virus in a baby food jar? Why is Andy Kaufman there? How did Tom Baker get to be such a badass? How many kids were totally fucking traumatized by Doctor Who's face melting away to reveal a robot head?

Man, the old Doctor Who existed only to traumatize children. There were moments like this in nearly every serial, especially the early Tom Baker ones.

The biggest question on my mind is why they expected this virus to kill billions if the only way to contract it is to bury your face in a big pile of the culture and snarfle it? Everyone else in that room certainly seemed to be completely unconcerned with the fact that a vial full of genocide-virus just broke...

Minimalist, it's largely because this serial was stupid. There's a bit where a guy who thinks the aliens rescued him from a wrecked spacecraft years earlier - who thinks he lost an eye in that accident and wears an eyepatch - is convinced to go take the patch off in front of a mirror to see if it's true. Because, you know, apparently he's NEVER thought to look in a mirror or take the patch off in all that time.

Yes, this story was bad, but it did have its occasional good moments, like the cliffhanger to the first episode and The Doctor gleefully suggesting he and Sarah go to the pub.

You guys are seriously overthinking Dr. Who.

Well . . . clearly . . . the eyepatch had a perception filter placed on it.

Or maybe he was just thick.

Tom Baker is so charming!
This serial was most definitely not Terry Nation's finest work.
I lack the years or first-hand experience necessary to appreciate Tom Baker.
his death face was perfect in every way
Didn't Kirk do the same thing at some point?

Why wasn't there EVER a Shatner/Baker crossover, the magnitude of which would destroy the cosmos entirely?
I think you just answered your own question, man.

Unmerciful Crushing Force
Head melting just merits five stars in any capacity.
Ha ha, I love a good death fakeout.

Especially since the hero is always too much of a dick to reveal the trick until after everyone has had a few horrified seconds to contemplate his demise.
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