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Desc:Opportunism + WWE style punches = wtf. :(
Tags:Soccer, goal, celebration
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Comment count is 7
The next time I make a goal, I'm gonna pretend to punch you and you pretend to fall down.

"I don't want to"
"What the fuck are you talking about?"
These stars are for the game, not the idiots playing it.
Seven in six blows? The Brave Little Tailor he ain't.
Any NFL fan who bitches when the league makes a big deal out of preventing Chad Johnson and the like from doing their TD celebrations - now you see the reason why. If they don't put some kind of limits on it, pretty soon players will be doing stupid shit like this.
Those assholes are putting fun in my entertainment!

NFL fans just don't like to be reminded--through the medium of rhythmic dancing--that most NFL players are black.

Oh c'mon. How dare you guys mock a master of Yellow Bamboo Kung Fu? He knocked those other players down with pure Chi energy.

(alternately: the british remake of shaolin soccer, ladies and gentlemen)
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