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Desc:Casting for the game
Category:Video Games, Trailers
Tags:cheating, uncanny valley, casting, Heavy Rain
Submitted:Space Helicopter
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Comment count is 9
They made a trailer that managed to let us know absolutely nothing about the game, not even the real name, which is apparently Origami Killer. Hopefully, they don't Indigo Prophecy this one.

I seriously doubt the game looks anywhere near as good as this, and if it does, get ready to upgrade.
wtf japan
Why is a corpse with special needs talking to me?
I don't care about the game but am i the only one who keeps thinking of "Chubby Rain" from "Bowfinger" every time something about this game comes up?
Colonel Cowlung
You are not the only one

"Honey, you're so stupid, the sink is not a proper place to store your gun. Pfft, Woman."
Sounds like they still buy the idea that games are just like movies, which worked so well in Indigo Prophecy.

I wonder if David Cage will animate himself dancing with the underwear-clad female lead again.
Wonko the Sane
What's going on with that neck? Also, HL2 did a better job lip syncing years ago.
Looks like a fucking zombie. Jesus.

Hopefully the game won't have as much fidgeting, or...animated talking? =(

Yeah, this is crossing into uncanny valley. Indigo Prophecy looked just primitive enough to not require decent lip syncing, or morphing necks.
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