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Category:Classic Movies, Trailers
Tags:WWII, tarantino, eli roth, brad pitt, Inglorius Basterds
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Comment count is 36
This looks utterly terrible.
Hopefully it comes out just in time to make #1 on the National Review's Top Conservative Movies list.
Thank god a movie to look forward to that ain't a damn cartoon.

Tarantino makes really stylish, empty films. The music is usually great, but I can't really watch most of them anymore.

yeah- because only Republicans care about defeating fascist murdering tyrants.

wtf japan
Do I 1* because it looks absolutely horrendous, or 5* because it looks horrendous and Brad Pitt cannot do an accent to save his life?

Five it is.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Fight Club 1942.
Fuck you all, this looks orgasmic.
It looks awesome! QT is great at stylish violence.

Brad Pitt said the term "National socialist" which may scare some of you. Socialism is admired a lot today.

Socialism was the home of "freedom fighters" like Che Guevara (who murdered priests, small boys, and anyone else Fidel was afraid would overthrow him.)

no, fuck you and the you'll spend go gin to see this trash.

sooooo.... what you're saying is that nazis were communists like Che?

I don't think the word socialism means what you think it means...

Billy the Poet
Ve are unter attck by Nazi-Commies!

C'mon, America! If we can't come together over a shared hatred of Nazis, then what have we got?!?!?
WTF is BJ Novak doing in this movie?
Sooo... Quentin Tarantino's new idea is to make a really violent... war movie? Huh. I bet there's lots of cursing in it, too. Cause that's also never been done.
"A movie is not about what it is about. It is about how it is about it."

Jeff Fries
I don't know if I would listen to someone who had his mouth removed by God

Corman's Inferno
It's a remake of a late 70s Italian film.

Sudan no1
DUDE I didn't even know they were actually making this.

THe script kicks fucking ass

http://www.cineobscure.com/inglorious-bastards-script-sold-to- miramax/
I hope this comes out for the Xbox also!
Goofy Gorilla
It must be weird to be a German and watch movies sometimes.
Especially German movies.

Prickly Pete
You're all right. Quentin Tarantino makes shitty movies all the time.
Jeff Fries
Upstaged by Hitler
I can't wait to hear about Quentin's 40s vinyl collection in excruciating detail.
Are you kidding? Because I am not when I say I can't wait for the exact same thing. Death Proof was the worst movie of the man's career but even it had a fucking incredible soundtrack.

Adam O'Connell
I am throughly in the awesome camp.
I like it when Nazis die violently
"You haven't seen war until you've seen it through the eyes of Quentin Tarantino."

War wasn't violent enough?
I will watch this movie. And I will enjoy the hell out of it.

You can all stick to you French movies about gay penises protesting for a woman's right to schmooze at art galleries.

I want my scalps.
I enjoy French movies about penises protesting for a woman's right to schmooze at art galleries. I also enjoy scalp-hunting. I think I will love this movie.

Unmerciful Crushing Force
I just hope that this is going to have the exact inverse of awesome-to-suck that Death Proof had. If it does that then I will enjoy it.

Heres to hoping Mike Myers will be kicked in the balls by a Nazi fatass/hot babe/guy with mole/Verne Troyer and sink down in a crouching position and go OOAAAAĊĊĊĊĊĊĊĊĊH
...and Hitler was NOT MISUNDERSTOOD!!!

King of Balls
Oh boy do I fucking hate Quentin Tarantino. I hate him. I hate him, and I'd hate this movie if I saw it, so I won't see it.
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