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Desc:A freak accident that could have happened with any family pet...
Category:News & Politics, Religious
Tags:toddler, Snakes, christianity, childhood trauma, Mark 16:17-18
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Comment count is 16
Darwin wept.

Doctor Arcane
You cant just leave your python laying around.
Pythons should be outlawed. Python owners are predominantly bad trainers. They insist on owning an animal that is programmed with a tendency toward violence. Many python owners also say that it is a sweet and gentle animal if trained correctly but there's no disputing the facts.

If you want a pet get a snake that has a better record with people, like a garter or a corn snake.
...because corn snakes can be trained to roll over and fetch the newspaper?

Do you recall EVER seeing a corn snake on a plane?

Any family pet? Man, if my cat can swallow three year-olds whole, I haven't seen it.

Also, is it just me or did that kid have a snake tattoo?
divided we fall

That's because cats are especially sneaky.

I also thought I saw a tattoo.

See, the economy is so bad people can't even afford to keep their pet snakes fed properly and as a result the snakes have to find food on their own.
Tuan Jim
He didn't even need stitches!!!

(because pythons swallow their prey whole)
It's very noble of you m'am to save your son from the snake you brought.
Would anyone else love to see the python devour that women's dog?
No. I'd rather it ate the kid.

Spastic Avenger
For fuck's sake, it's not even a python! It's a Boa Constrictor.
Caminante Nocturno
It's like tipping over a dump truck and watching a ton of white trash spill out.

I like how CNN blurred out the father during the interview, after they flashed a picture of him at the beginning.
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