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Desc:Sound only
Category:Business, Stunts
Tags:wwe, billy mays, Adam Corolla, ShamPOW, Vince ShamWow
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Comment count is 12
So THIS is how World War III starts.
Binro the Heretic
Sorry, Billy. Vince is weirder and more entertaining than you.
So Billy Mays is a Scientologist?

Mays/Offer, cage or arena fight, worldwide PPV..set to the Star Trek fighting music theme on endless loop
Billy Mays is a lover, not a fighter.

Holy shit.
The great towel war of 2009
Watch it Mays... Vince will SlapChop your nuts.

Frank Rizzo
I for one will be backing my boy Vince
Mays all the way.

Sham-POW, baby.

Vince is the shit. Scientology is going down. Billy Mays is a re and Adam Corrolla is insecure about his penis size.

Haha respect in the (infomercial) industry

I don't know if Billy's serious but either way I can only love him more.
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