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Desc:Send me an angel
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:rad, bmx, hal needham, Lori Loughlin
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Comment count is 23
it's RAD week on poeTV!
Sean Robinson
The most rad moment for me is when the twins play peekaboo around the girl.
Zhou Fang
Dig the members only space suits on Tamoz and Zamot there.
Is there anything that kid can't do?
isnt that the bad guy from karate kid?
Concerned Citizen
Loved that song (SMaA). What's with all of the 28 yea old "high school students" though?
Send me an Angel just enhances the raditude.

Haven't you ever watched any tv or movies? All teenagers are in their twenties. And Radar from M*A*S*H was in his thirties.

Why are all kids Emo nowadays, instead of being like Galactica twins and BMX wonderkids?
Why can't todays kids be RAD?
Dirty dancing. . . with BIKES! What more could one ask for.
Mayberry Pancakes
Well, shoot. I could probably do that if I had the benefit of slow motion.
Slow motion yes, but don't forget the stunt doubles bicycles bolted to platforms, and cameras that conveniently cut the bikes off just so.

"bicycle boogey"
Rodents of Unusual Size
Huge hair? Check. Star Trek outfits? Check. Bicycle Waltz wait WHAT
I was about to 1 star this until Lori Loughlin's stunt double and her friend interrupted that god-awful dance.
More high school dances should have play by play guys.
I had to stop part way through and google naked pics of Lori but couldn't find any so I just rubbed one out to pics of Kelly LeBrock. Wait... what was I talking about. The video's ok I guess. I think that's a dude in a wig riding the bike.
This is so ridiculously amazing. The only good thing about the 80s is the proms and spectacular they were.
Pie Boy
Apparently this was made before the Great Bicycle Hamstring Plague of '91 crippled all the independently-jumping bikes.
Get rad.

Stay rad.

Geoff Marr
I'm surprised there was no drinks spilled on the floor for them to slip on.
Ah yes, the coolest kids in high school were the ones still riding bikes.
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