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Desc:I think this is quite possibly the most amazing sequence in TV history.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:csi miami, David Caruso, this show just keeps getting better
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Comment count is 29
won't get fooled again

The title song was chosen to mock their viewers.

I was kind of hoping that the motorcycles and car would lead to a running gag of Caruso hiding in the bushes and shooting increasingly larger vehicles for the remaining time.

also, what.
Caminante Nocturno
I'm not even sure those guys on the motorcycles were even part of the attempt on his life.

What the hell have they done to Morricone's Man with a Harmonica and where can I hear more?
I am furious with myself for loving the bastardized Morricone.

I found it, a cover by a group called Apollo Four Forty.

This site is good for something! Thanks.

They are content with their place in the world. I like Caruso's happy little smile as he shoots the first guys.
Caminante Nocturno
He was able to distract them by impersonating a stupid American. Little did they know that he had long since transcended any nationality's limitations.
Michael Houser
So the motorcycles and the car-guy were what? Running late? Or were they part of the plan?
"OK, Caruso might get the upper hand, so I want you guys to show up 5 seconds after my epithet, in two waves."
It's the Z'Dar Approach to villainy.

That was the COLD OPEN? Holy Christ, what did they do for the rest of the hour?
Michael Houser
I'm convinced that this is Caruso's response to people making fun of his openings.
"I'll show you how to start a show! YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

Whats better is what is after the intro.
It just cuts back to Miami, Caruso getting off a plane, meeting up with somebody...conversation goes something to this effect.

Meaningless other character: "I'm glad you got out of there"
The newborn King Caruso: "A lot of people didn't."

How many people did he kill?!?!?


it was that easy! he just killed all the gangsters, and everything got better.
Didn't this show used to be about scientists? Now it's turned into a Charles Bronson movie? That takes place in Brazil? That people are recording off Canadian TV and subtitling in Italian?
Deathwish: Miami

I like the way the lead gangster continues to think his machete is going to be of any use whatsoever, right up to the end.
But if he didn't have the machete, Caruso would be murdering an unarmed, helpless, wounded man. As long as the bad guy has the knife and a sneer, its okey-dokey.

So, Miami Justice means you shoot people in the face?

That's the sort of thing they need to inform tourists about.
It's Miami Justice because those dudes deserved it, just like all the guys Jack Bauer tortures the shit out of.

Vigilantism Is Right When They're Bad -- Miami Style


Goethe and ernie
I want to form a band called "Miami Justice", but it would be pointless, because they could never ever match this.
everything in that scene came straight out of the Michael Mann School For Directors That Want To Make Action Films But Only Got As Far As Television (MMSFDTWTMAFBOGAFAT, Newark Campus)
Or "Boga Fat" for short.

Mister Yuck
Boga Fat!

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