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Desc:One of my favorite credit sequences ever.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Intro, opening, credits, Dead Like Me, sequence
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A show that presented the 'hereafter' as a mystery to those who had to make it work. The caretakers of people's souls were normal people who were jaded, had insecurities about their existence, and although dead were still worldweary.

God I loved this show.
This and "Wonderfalls" didn't deserve cancellation. They were well-written, entertaining, and...

...it's no wonder they got canceled, actually...
Wonderfalls was excellent. Though I still loved Pushing Daisies, I didn't like it QUITE as much as Wonderfalls, which is perhaps why it lasted a whole 2 seasons instead of, say, 6 episodes. Bryan Fuller is being wasted trying to fix Heroes.

I actually thought Wonderfalls was quite poor in writing, with some good moments. But I definately mourn Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies. Or at least I will whenever they get around to showing the last few episodes of the latter.

I'm down with the love here. I suppose cancellation was a better fate than being "re-tooled for a wider audience."
I loved this show almost too much. They had a marathon on Sci-Fi today which made staying home sick a little more bearable.
Okay, I got to ask, is this actually getting a movie or will it be a rehash for those that didn't get to see this?
A direct-to-DVD release is apperantly out Tomorrow.

How about that timing?

This is on Netflix streaming now. I've been re-watching it on my PS3 and remembering how awesome of a show it was.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I love how much this show didn't get away. And the chemistry between the characters was awesome. The Der Waffle House scenes were the best part.
Helena Handbasket
I always wondered why that waitress didn't seem to have a home.

Helena Handbasket
Yes yes yay yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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