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Desc:A compilation of pranks
Category:Humor, Arts
Tags:Prank, elevator, REMI GAILLARD, Idle Hands Are the Devils Playground
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Comment count is 10
Tuan Jim - 2009-02-16
bopeton - 2009-02-16
I have an old injury from a motorcycle crash and find it difficult to walk on stairs for more than a flight or two.

I would be seriously pissed by this. I'm glad none of those people were in wheelchairs.

I can't subtract stars for that though, I giggled a little.
Caminante Nocturno - 2009-02-16
Thank you for doing this, bored immature people.
Louis Armstrong - 2009-02-16
Hey, did you ever ride an elevator.

Did you ever ride an elevater , ON WEED!!!
Udderdude - 2009-02-16
Disco one was the best. You could even hear it coming up.
Camonk - 2009-02-17
No way, the loony toons one was the best.

Geoff Marr - 2009-02-17
I wanted her to go in the disco elevator and start partying with them.
socialist_hentai - 2009-02-17
trigger happy tv did it better but still worth a few stars
socialist_hentai - 2009-02-17
btw is this the same remi that did mario cart?

Tstyle - 2009-02-17
Get back to class you clowns.
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